Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Review

The first sun rose in 2001 when the first Golden Sun title saw the light of day. I think golden sun is one of the most underestimated RPG’s on Nintendo’s Gameboy Advance! It had everything, amazing graphics, awesome music and a story that makes you laugh and cry! In 2003 the sun rose again for Golden Sun: The lost age and jam packed with extra features this game brought peace to the world of Weyard. Will the sun shine brighter than ever in this new chapter, or will it never see the light of day?

The story starts 30 years after The Lost Age’s ending, The world of Weyard changed, continents have shifted and alchemy is rare as ever. Our previous hero’s picked up their lives and life went on. Isaac now lives on top of mount aleph and together with his best friend Garret he watches over the world. On one day Alchemy wells started to show up draining all alchemy, now our new pack of heroes are starting their adventure with friends and enemies old and new! Not including all the side-quests the story may seem a bit short but maybe it’s for a reason? Our first heroes needed two games to complete their stories too.

Also, it doesnt matter if you never played any golden sun game before, Dark Dawn will tell you everything you need to know without spoiling anything. It teached me some stuff I didnt know before!

Not much has changed gameplay wise, we still have all the puzzles, random monster fights, the cute little Djinn’s and we still have to arrange them to get certain types of Psynergy to work. This time you can give your hones opinion (like, happy, sad, confused) in the conversations but it doesnt change the story in any way. Battles look like they are easier than normal but the puzzles are puzzling as ever. Dark Dawn makes use of the touch screen for walking and you can choose directions for certain Psynergy skills. Djinn’s are still on hard to reach places and we still need to make use of a lot of Psynergy to get around. This is not a bad thing, it worked for the first games so It’ll work here too. Even if you have not played any of the first two games, you can easily jump onto this one.

Also the Graphics are amazing as ever! You can see what the Nintendo DS is still capable off. The Battles and summon are shown with amazing 3D graphics (Not to confuse with the 3DS’s 3D) and the overworld is pretty detailed too. You can clearly see the difference between different patterns. The elements used in the puzzles all look great, fireballs, wind ect. The way you have to burn the previous enemies faces off of a cardboard platform is just hilarious.

Oh, the music! I can still remember booting up my GBA with the opening of Golden Sun pumping out of its little speakers and this time it’s back! The opening is mixed but still has the same feel to it. Characters still talk with little bleeps and bloops and you still know when you are supposed to feel happy, sad or afraid. although it can’t compare to the GBA’s classic sound, it’s amazing as it is.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is a amazing game for the gamers who loved the first two although they might be a bit disappointed in the short story it still has the same (now nostalgic) feeling! New players can adjust easily and wont be left out, if you love RPG’s or never played a golden sun game before I suggest you start with this one!

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