Samurai Warriors: Chronicles REVIEW.

I’ve never really heard of this game until a good friend of mine told me about it, and once the 3DS version was announced we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it! Now a few months have passed and this is what I think about it.

There’s actually a lot to tell in this game, it has the most important parts of all the Warriors of our past packed into one little system. It will take you at least 30 hours to finish the main story only, but that’s not all, you still have weapons to find and craft, you can even ”make your own story” and give your own personal answers. This will make your friendship go up wit certain characters. (to unlock MORE weapons) and even if you have done all of that you can still play the Gaiden stories! I find these a lot harder and gives you the challenge you will need! And the 3DS’s spot pass feature will add a lot more content and stories to tell!

Gameplay-wise it’s identical to all of it’s previous installments, but with one awesome addition which is similar to ”Warriors orochi” but a lot better. this time, you can switch between characters and location on your touch screen. This way you can get to your enemy a lot faster! The musou attacks are still there and the spirit gauge is there to stay. Once your musou gauge is filled you can do special (stronger) super attacks while the Spirit gauge gives you the option to get timed power ups or even heal yourself! Also, this time you have one set character which will travel throughout the game, you can name it, customize and level it up just like any other warrior! Are you a girl? no problem!

The Graphics are amazing. It looks a little bit better than it’s PS2 versions, but with the 3D on it just sucks you into the game. The world around you does look a little bit bland but that doesn’t matter, this game is about hacking and slashing and that just looks really nice. The musou attacks look amazing and the cutscenes are stunning. Overall one of the best graphics on the 3DS I’ve personally seen so far.

The music feels familiar to the older games and really gives you the ”samurai warriors” mood. It’s amazing how it really feels like you are in ye olde Japan. It’ll make the battles just a bit more realistic and will give you the fighting spirit! The placement of the music is just right, it shifts as the mood shifts and it adapts to your current mission.

Nintendo’s street pass feature adds something new in the Samurai Warriors World, you can set your own ”team” and share weapons with random people you walk by. The Spotpass feature will give you extra stages and weapons to go with it.

Samurai Warriors: Chronicles is currently the best portable version of the series, new people like me have enough time to learn about the game and it’s mechanics while veterans still enjoy it on the go. It has hours and hours and HOURS of gameplay. A online or local co-op feature and a better character customization would have been nice, but the game is amazing as it is.

Screenshots, Video & Images: KOEI

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