Resistance: Burning Skies Review [PSVita]


Resistance Burning Skies is the very first portable dual analog first person shooter developed by Nihilistic for the Playstation Vita, while previous Resistance games were developed by Insomniac and were released on platforms such as the Playstation 3 and the Playstation Portable.


The story in any first person shooter is never that amazing and this time it’s not that different. You are Tom Riley a fireman in a 1950’s New York City. And when the Chimera attack you want to rush to your family and kill some alien scum along the way. Early on in the game you will reunite with your wife and daughter but just for a short moment, the alien attack is getting worse and after you bring your family to safety you are off being the hero hoping for a human victory and another reunion with your family.


Being the first, first person shooter on a portable system it does an amazing job! It all feels very natural and if you are used to playing shooters on a ps3’s dual shock controller you’ll feel right at home on the PSVita. The touch controls are a really nice feature too, a quick tap and you’ll swing your axe! want to throw a grenade? Drag it to it’s destiny and it’s on it’s way!
Resistance Burning Skies has a bunch of nice weapons from a crossbow attached to a shotgun to a gun that can shoot through walls! You can even upgrade these weapons with cubes called “Gray Tech” adding fire rate, extra ammo space and maybe even more. Check points in this game is a pain though, there are so many times I’ve died and I had to walk all the way back to a boss or a ambush of aliens just to make the same mistake, die again and repeat the same thing over and over again. I’ve been stuck at a certain place for almost an hour with the most time spent walking through a freaking tunnel. Another minor annoyance, although not a bad thing is that you will find the same kind of ammo a lot more often than you would actually like. I like my shotgun(“Mule”) but the ammo was much harder to find unlike the “Bullseye” which is dropped by every alien you will find along the way.Resistance Burning Skies also has a Online Multiplayer containing 3 modes with a maximum of 8 players Deatmatch, Team Deathmatch and the all-new “survival mode” you will start the game with 2 chimeras and a bunch of humans trying to survive. Once you are killed by the chimera you will be turned into one of them with your job finding the rest of the humans and hunt them down while they are trying to survive.


The graphics of this game are okay, but that’s it, it’s just “okay”. I’m sure the Vita has a lot more power inside but for this game it’s not showing. The maps and stages look nice from a distance but once you get closer it’s a pixelated mess and cars look like they are cut out of cardboard! On the other hand the weapons looks really, really nice! And the enemy models also look very detailed. Like I said, the graphics are not good, not bad but just “okay” it does look for being the very first portable first person shooter though. Keep in I’m not comparing the graphics with other systems and it’s only PSVita related.


The only times you will hear music in this game is while theres a cutscene going on, while you are fighting a boss and sometimes at random places. But most of the time all you will hear is your own footsteps and gunshots. I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about the gun shots sounding too cheap, I did notice that they sound similar but I’m not a huge fan of shooters and I think it’s not only fine, it’s a blast! 😉


I think Resistance burning skies is a nice “first try” and we are taking baby steps. I’m sure the Vita has a bright future! If they do it right they could make some amazing first person shooter games. For now, Resistance burning skies is a awesome game that will keep you entertained for a few hours, or maybe weeks if you love the multiplayer part of the game. There are still some surprises to find after you beat the game once, but I’m sure the veteran Resistance players already know what I mean. Resistance Burning Skies still suffers from a few glitches now and there and the online multiplayer is not as stable as it has to be, but I’m sure Nihilistic will fix these issues. Also, trophy hunters will love this game! one play-through and you’ll have 98% of all the trophies! including a platinum!

Some advice though, be sure you are alone when you are facing the final boss, I almost broke my PSVita out of anger because I’ve been killed so, so many times! Or maybe I’m just a noob… Find out yourself!

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  • Great review look forward to playing it myself! And maybe a few online matches. 😉

  • Everything to do with sound in this game is beyond horrible, especially with headphones. Hell, one time I even heard the sound come out of the wrong speaker! (woman on right was talking, sound coming from left speaker [I’m sure that I had my headphones on the right ears, too]).

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