Gravity Rush Review [PSVita]


Gravity Rush is the first “open world” game for the Playstation Vita. The game was originally developed for the Playstation 3 (Gravite) and for some reason they moved it to the Playstation Vita. The name “Gravity Rush” or “Gravity Daze” in Japanese comes from the protagonist powers to shift gravity.


The story revolves around a mysterious girl named “Kat.” You start the game waking up with no memory whatsoever and no friends except a mysterious black cat. Once you’ve explored the town, mysterious black holes start to appear, sucking up a little kid, and you are the only one with the powers to save him! For some mysterious reason you are not the one with these powers (the cat is!) but with the black cat on your side you have full control of gravity. The world you are standing on is crumbling and the worlds districts are drifing apart.You will meet another girl with the same powers – with a bird, instead of a cat. Her name is Raven and even though your intentions are good she seems to want to put a stop to it, and if that’s not enough monsters called “Nevi” are attacking the city! After the word spreads how you saved the city and it’s people several times your status rises to some sort of super hero! But what about your past? Why are you here? Only time will tell…I think the story is very japanese, and if you’re a fan of Anime you won’t be disappointed. It feels like you are playing inside one of the Studio Ghibli movies! The story will make you laugh, thrill you, and it even makes you feel sad. It’s the best experience I had on the Vita so far!


This is a kind of game I’ve never played before, and for that reason you do have to get used to the controls, but once used to it you’ll be soaring through the sky like a pro. The dual analog sticks combined with the gyro sensor is the perfect marriage for this game’s control scheme. Although when you are not used to it (especially when you first start playing), while fighting you’ll soar past enemies often, but don’t worry – your powers will take care of that, and when you’re used to the controls you won’t even notice it anymore. You can set a marker (it’s called “Set Navi” in game) on the mission or challenge you want, and you will see a arrow with the remaining yards showing you the way.

Here’s a short video I made, unlocking a challenge and soaring over the district.

The game has a open world and it’s huge, and while starting missions will bring loading times that can be a tad long (10-20 seconds), when free roaming you can fly over every district without seeing a loading screen.Besides the about 12 hour storyline there are challenges to play (which you need to unlock by renovating parts of the city), cores to collect, and there’s even some other secret stuff to find out as long as you explore. There’s so much to do, you can play a full day without even continuing on the story. The challenges range from racing, killing monsters and throwing stuff into a goal and more! And even when you have the gold medal in-game you can still try to get up on top of the online leader board! Every medal (bronze, silver and gold) rewards you with a set amount of cores, the same cores you will find scattered around the city. These cores are used to renovate parts of the city (again, to unlock more challenges) and can be used to upgrade your powers such as health, recovery time, shifting speed and even your kicks and combo attacks.

And even if you finished the story, collected every core and you’re number one in every challenge there’s still the option to buy dlc for more challenges! you’ll even get more costumes!
There are no real cutscenes in this game but instead the story is explained like a comic book, you can swipe to the left to go to the next page and the gyro sensor does an amazing job to make it look three dimensional!I just love the graphics in this game it looks like you are flying through a painting, the gorgeous cell shaded graphics really suit the game and atmosphere. View distance can be a little off when you are flying through the skies too fast but I love it, it looks like its being drawn out and colored right in from of you while you are soaring at it with amazing speeds. The colors are vibrant and every district has it’s own vibe, you’ll have to see it to believe it.


After playing “Kid Icarus Uprising” which had a AMAZING soundtrack, I haven’t heard a game soundtrack that was so good! But Gravity Rush is really close! Like every district having it’s own vibe – the music just enforces my statement. Gravity Rush having a amazing soundtrack is not suprising though because the person who composed the game’s music is Kohei Tanaka, he arranged songs for anime’s such as Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece and more.There is not much voice acting in Gravity Rush, and when there is, you won’t understand it. They have their own language and it sounds like a mix between Japanese and French. Besides the cutscenes you’ll only hear grunts and screams from Kat and the npc’s around you.


Gravity Rush is a amazing game, the music, the graphics and the story blend together like a anime movie. And you can really tell this game was originally developed for the playstation 3, the open world is huge, gameplay is fast and fluid. It has RPG elements like upgrading your powers, although you can max everything by the end of the game. If you’re a fan of Anime you will love the story, and this game is for you. If you’re not a fan of anime and Japan give it a try anyway, it is quite a gem, especially for a handheld device!You can find Gravity Rush on store shelves and Playstation Network on June 12th in North America and June 13th in Europe.

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