Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 Review [DS]


Hello Everyone! I’m LittleMyuu and I’m StiX’s younger sister! And I’ll be reviewing Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2! Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 are direct sequels from the popular games Pokemon Black and White. In this game you return to Unova once again, with new cities, older generation Pokemon discovered in Unova, and you have to find out why Team Plasma returned!

Story [8.5]

You start your journey with your Mother telling you to go to the meeting point in your city.
You meet up with your friend Hugh, and get ready for your first Pokemon.
Bianca is now a Proffesor’s aide who will introduce you to your first partner Pokemon,
Snivy, Tepig or Oshawott. Your journey soon transforms into a hunt for the returning team plasma, helping Hugh at every turn, who is working hard to return his sisters stolen Pokemon!
With the return of team Plasma comes also old evil, as Ghetsis wants to use another
legendary to rule Unova, and he has brought with him all new antagonists.
The plot is filled with mysteries carried over from Black and White, with brand new
mysteries to add to the mix.

Gameplay [9.0]

The gameplay is just like every other Pokémon game for the handhelds;
it is easy to learn and the battles start simple, but post game brings new challenges, including the all new difficulty settings (Easy mode and challenge mode).
The adventures of our hero are much grander than in the first version, with new features to break up the enthralling story.
If you ever wanted to be an Actor, you and your favorite Pokemon can shine in Pokéstar studios!
Make a horror, a si-fi, or even a romantic movie! With you and your Pokemon as the stars!
And for the people who ever wanted to own a shopping mall, nows your chance, the Join Avenue let you be the director of a shopping mall!
Everytime you pass by someone you gain a visitor, and you can ask them if
they would like to run a shop in your Mall, from Flower shops to Supermarkets, Dojo’s or Deli’s! You can also reccomend your favourite stores! There is a lot to do in the Join Avenue.
And at last there a world tournament to tackle.
In the Pokémon world tournament you can compete against strong trainers, and even Gym leaders from other regions. If you battle hard enough you can face the elite 4 of all the regions… Are you ready?
And before I forget, I love achievements, and the new medal system really feels like I am get rewards for the things I do, but trying to get all the 200 medals would be a long, tough journey. 🙂
Also with Memory link you can link up your old Pokemon Black or White with the new versions, and people will even talk about your old trainer!

(I’m all into the moving making already, and made 4 successful movies, of course movie making is hard but I keep trying! Also at the Pokemon world tournament I tried to shine, but it seems that my Pokemon need some more training. 😛 )

Graphics [7.5]

I like the graphics from B2 and W2 much more than the older versions.
Battle stages got more details, like moving grass, some attacks got much better animations, like Water pulse, not to mention the HP bars are the same colour as the version you have.

Music [9.0]

I always love the music from Pokémon.
And in Black 2 and White 2 it is really nice, the calm sounds of the city you start your journey in, up until you are standing in front of the champion.
They did a really good job with all the sounds in Pokémon, I even felt really pumped up when I faced a Hoenn gymleader and the music brought me all the way back to Hoenn.
Gamefreak crafted a masterpiece with their gameplay and accompanied it with fantastic music.

Overall [8.5]

Ever since I was 7 I loved Pokemon, and I still do now.
Pokemon will never get boring and Black 2 and White 2 are the very first sequals in Pokemon history (Gold and Silver came close but the difference here is immediately obvious.)
The gameplay always stays mostly the same and is still great to this day.
Storylines get better almost every generation, and this generation tops them all.
Graphics still give your Pokémon the retro feeling, even while intergrating newer 3D effects.
For me, Pokémon will always be a favourite, even in 10 years.
Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 are the best games so far!


By: Solar Sceptile

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