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Bioshock Infinite is a First-person shooter by Irrational Games and the third installment in the BioShock series.
Being the third installment, Infinite is not part of the previous games but if features similar gameplay, themes amd more.
Bioshock infinite has bean released worldwide on March 26 2013 on PC, Xbox360 and Playstation 3.


Story [10]

In bioshock Infinite you are a former Pinkerton agent named Booker DeWitt, he’s sent to the floating city of Columbia to find a young woman named Elizabeth, who has been held captive there for over 12 years, she also holds strange powers to manipulate “tears” in the time-space continuum. On your journey to rescue her, and even after you did, the two of you will be pursued by the city’s factions. The city is inhibited by the founders that want to keep the city for pure Americans and the Vox Populi, a rebel group representing the common people and for some reason Elizabeth is the center of it all… There’s much, much more to tell but you should find that out yourself!


Gameplay [8.0]

Like it’s previous installments Bioshock infinite is a First-person shooter with Role-playing elements. Throughout the game you will find weapons which you can upgrade at the many vending machines throughout the game. Similar to the “plasmids” in the previous Bioshock games, in Columbia you will find Vigors these “potions” will activate special powers like controlling machines, electricity, fire and more.
Booker is also able to equip clothing which grand special abilities or boosts. Another new feature is the “sky-hook” which is not only a weapon but the citizens of Columbia use this to travel on the many skylines through and around the city, you are able to use these skylines to your advantage in gunfights. This time the game has four heavy-hitters like the “handy-man” and “Motorized Patriot” similar to the “Big-daddies” in the previous bioshiock games you will go “oh Shi–” when you notice one running at you.BioShock-Infinite_Handyman_01

Also, Infinte got rid of the potions and replaced it with a regenerating shield. You can find food and “salts” to regenerate health and Vigor usage through out the game and on dead bodies.
You can equip two weapons and two Vigors but you can switch the vigors at any time once you retreive them.

Graphics [9.5]

The graphics are just stunning, the art style, the people and the city are so alive! The mood will always suit with the situation dark places feel scary and the open area’s are amazing! When I first met Elizabeth it felt like I was watching a Disney movie (in a good way) and you will meet more people who make you think the same way.hf-620x
Afraid your pc can’t handle it? I’m playing on a low to mid-end PC and even on the “Very Low” settings the game still looks stunning! I’ts awesome how 2013’s “very low” look like a 2010’s “Ultra” Irrational games did a amazing job! I wish more companies would make their games compatible for people with low-end pc’s.


Music [9.5]

Bioshock’s music has always been really, really good and this time it’s not different! It’s soundtrack is orchestraded like it’s produced for a high-buget movie.
Besides their own creations Bioshock always has those “music of the era” songs and they did it again! After playing this game you’ll think different about songs like “God knows”, “will the circle be unbroken” and “Girls Just wanna have fun” but that’s a good thing!

Here’s a video I recorded today, this is one of the many musical aspects you can find in the game!

Overall [9.5]


Bioshock is one of those games you can not miss, and it feels like a new generation of story telling has been born. The graphics, gameplay, music and story blend together in a experience you won’t forget. Besides the minor issues like a lot of npc’s looking exactly the same and no backtracking the game’s story itself will make up for that and I can easily say this game has already a major chance of becoming game of the year. If you are a fan of the Bioshock series, Zero escape, Doctor who, Back to the future or just science fiction in general you can not miss this game, go get it! go play it NOW!

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