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The Last of Us is a highly anticipated Survival horror action-adventure game by Naughty Dog. You might know them from the awesome Uncharted series, Crash Bandicoot
and more! In The Last of Us you take control of Joel who has to cross the United States with Ellie. The year is 2033 and the the world is not what it used to be
people are sick, dead or just gone and everything is taken over by either bandits, the army or zombie-like creatures, Human being infected with a plant-like virus.
In The Last of Us you can craft items to survive but I’ll tell more about this later.UEC approach


Like I said before, you are Joel, a survivor in the year 2033 after your encounter with a rebel group it’s your duty to bring Ellie to the others. The cause of the infection is unknown, all we know is it will change you, one bite is enough. There’s not much to tell about the story without spoiling stuff to be honest. It has it’s tense, sad, funny and even cliche moments and you just have to trust me that this story has everything to make it this good.
Leaving ranch


The gameplay is what makes this game so freakin’ good! You will have the option to stealth past enemies or take them down. You will find materials everywhere, upgrade your weapons and even yourself. Find pipes, bricks, bottle, baseball bats, knifes and all kinds of weapons! Be sure to upgrade them because you WILL need it!Joel can use his hearing to “see” through walls and prepare for an attack, and if you do it right they won’t even know you were there.
Museum clicker attack

There are also multiple kinds of enemies, do not worry! But I don’t want to spoil the surprise so I won’t tell anything about them, sorry!

Another thing about this game I REALLY liked is that there’s mostly different ways to handle a situation. You can go on a full-out attack (if you have the ammo of course), kill everything one by one or you can throw bricks or bottles into a room to distract everyone and sneak past them without harming a thing.

And like I said before, you can use almost everything around you. Near a door? smash someones face between it, push someone against a wall while throwing a brick in his face, you need to survive right?
Museum melee
The AI on the other hand might be a little but “dumb” sometimes whenever you are spotted all hell breaks lose but when one of your partners yells or runs past someone or something 99% of the time the enemies won’t see a thing… They are also not the best helpers, don’t get me wrong, there are moments where they saved my ass, but some other times I yelled at them for just standing around.

All in all, this game must be the best experience with stealth and action I ever had.


The graphics are the one of the best available on the Playstation 3 and a huge improvement over the Uncharted series, some textures seem a little bit low res but we’ve been spoiled by all the next gen games lately so it doesn’t bother me that much. Most areas look really immersive though, broken down buildings, plant life, and the weather all look really realistic.
While fighting or walking through certain weather you will notice it on your screen, blood splatters on the screen for example. The parts that are meant to feel creepy are really creepy and some parts are so compact that I let my friend (Xenavire on this blog) play it, I just couldn’t handle it with my claustophobia, and I think that’s a really good thing.Ellie waiting


To be honest I haven’t really noticed the music of the game, because everything is really immersive and suits the areas.
When you sneak, have the music turned up you WILL freak out! The voice actors are top notch though, Troy Baker is one of my favourite voice actors,
he’s also the voice of Booker Dewitt(bioshock) and Kanji (Persona 4). Ellie (voiced by Ashley Johnson) is doing a awesome job too!


Overall, The last of Us is a solid experience and one of the best I had in a while. It started out a bit boring but after you have played for a few hours you don’t want to stop.
You will see Joel and Ellie’s relationship grow and feel for them, you will be afraid, freak out, feel sad, laugh and sometimes be really annoyed.
Naughty Dog has really outdone themselves and I can’t wait to see what they will bring to the Playstation 4.
I haven’t had a chance to try the multiplayer yet, but for now, The Last of Us is a experience you can not skip.

Also, if you do not have a PS3 or if you are still not conviced check out our Youtube! Starting June 14th I will upload our Let’s play/walkthrough!

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