Etrian Odyssey IV (3DS) Review and First Impressions.

I’m going to skew off of my normal way of reviewing for this game, Etrian Odyssey IV (3DS) is a RPG that’s a bit different from the RPG’s nowadays…
When I first heard of Etrian Odyssey I wasn’t really interested, my sister (Littlemyuu on our Website) was playing this game a LOT though! But I never understood why…
Until a few days ago, NIS surprised me with a early review code of this game. Well, early for Europe! America and Japan have been playing this game for almost half a year now and Japan is already enjoying a new Etrian Odyssey game.

Anyway, Etrian Odyssey IV does not have a real story persé, it does not have it’s main characters with a hero, a group of friends, or a cute companion… In this game you make your story, you make your party members and you make your very own maps… I’ll explain more about the maps later but for now I’ll explain the characters.

Every Etrian Odyssey game has it’s set of classes, yet most of them are basicly the same. Etrian Odyssey IV is not that different and I’ll guide you through them.

classesWe have the Landsknecht, he or she is basicly your common knight, with some perks though! You can buff your party members and debuff your foes!

Then we have the Nightseeker, you can compare them to the rogues or thiefs/assassins. They can dual wield weapons, debuff, foes, hide in the shadows and do some serious damage. (mine did die fast though :< )

Also, the Dancer! They will help you out in battle with their excotic dances! And can provide passive buffs, heals and use this to also do some damage to foes!

The Fortress stands out as the Paladin or “Protector” class, they have really high defence and can absorb hits for their party members!

Snipers will use bows in battle, and can raise everyones accuracy, their arrows can pierce through enemies or spread throughout a whole line!

You can also recruit a Runemaster, they remind me of a Shaman but I’m sure the Runemasters are much different. They have almost no physical attack power but their elemental power is through the roof! they call on the power of runes to fight off their foes!

Bushi‘s are the only animal class available and are strong in their HP and Attack stats, it can sacrifice it’s very own HP for increased damage and revive itself!

Like the Bushi, you will find the Arcanist sometime later in the game. With their circles, they are able to debuff and inflict many status conditions on all their enemies. Oh they are also able to heal!

But a party is never complete without a healer, so take a Medic with you! They will patch up you your party in no time, revive them and can change the flow of battle by giving everyone a extra chance! The medic has almost no defence and speed though…

But wait, there’s more! Later in the game you can even sub-class your party members, this way you can add another class to their base class! For example; you can have a Landsknecht with the skills of a Medic!

Now that you have a party, your story can begin! You are a bunch of explorers! Once you enter a dungeon you will have NO map, but you will have all tools to make one!explore the dungeons in a first person view, and design your map along the way! Very often you will phase into a random monster battle, and this is where your party is needed the most!
You can use normal attacks or skills, use items, defend, switch or escape. You area also able to “Burst” once your gauge is full enuogh you can use certain group skills like a quick escape or some boosts in your defence! Special enemies will sparkle and have a somewhat golden glow, these enemies will grant extras inclusing a nice EXP boost.

Some special enemies will walk on your map called “FOE’s” these enemies are much stronger than the ones you will fight randomly, you need to use tactics to avoid them and you will need tactics if you want to fight them too!eo4_screens_launch_06
These FOE’s are also found on the “worldmaps” and in Etrian Odyssey IV you will have your very own flying ship, which you can give a name!

Once you’ve been through a few dungeons, defeated some enemies and made a few maps you can bring everything you’ve found to the blacksmith, she will add more weapons and armor to her shop! You will also be able to upgrade weapons and add elemental effects.

While I’m playing the original game Littlemyuu and Xenavire were playing the Demo and don’t judge the demo’s music! The quality of the original game is MUCH MUCH better! And the battle music is really, REALLY good! And the music from the first few dungeons are soothing, and at night (in game) even a little bit creepy. I can say that if you are a fan of game OST’s you will love Etrian Odyssey IV’s music! And the tunes will haunt your mind for years and years to come!

The graphics of Etrian Odyssey IV has gotten a huge upgrade yet it still is very similar, veterants will reconize almost everything and for newcomers like me
it’s very easy to get used to the menus.specialFOEs-01

The backgrounds and dungeons look very lush and beautiful! Some monsters are just recolours and backgroudns too, but it’s OK! You won’t even notice it!
Oh, I forgot to mention that the monsters are now in 3D and move! They were just static sprites in previous Etrian Odyssey games.eo4_screens_launch_04
Oh! There’s also a streetpass option! You will send out your guild cards to other players and you will receive theirs! You can then receive one of their party members and use them in your guild! They do not level up though… If you are not getting a lot of streetpass hits, players can upload their guildcards with a QR code on it.
This can be scanned in the game, even more quests and items are available through QR scanning too! Here’s mine so far, keep in mind that I’m not that far into the game yet though! and I restarted several times because I wasn’t happy with my team and I didn’t feel like grinding >_< ! If the game has some major stuff later on I will tell you about it on my tumblr/twitter or youtube page!<692b1f2e8dd471eebd47
All in all Etrian Odyssey IV is a game that you can play for hours! Explore dungeon, level up your characters and make a unstoppable party!
great graphics and amazing music! And with all the new ways to play your classes I’m giving this game a

Etrian Odyssey IV will hit the shelves on August 30th (retail) and on the e-shop a week later (september 5th)!

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