Dragon’s Crown Review


Hello everyone! This is Chobi, this is my first review on Chopstixz.net and I hope you like it!


So, it all begins in Hydeland. You hear rumores about a lost artifact. The Dragon’s Crown. So you join a guild and together with your friend Rannie the thief your journey starts. You will travel to different labaryints and dungeons and You will learn more about the Dragon’s Crown.

The story itself is fun and nice. There are six different characters to choose from.
The player can choose a Fighter, Dwarf, Wizard, Amazon, Elf and Sorceress. You develop your character and find new party members and new items and armor!


The music in the game suits the story and levels. It’s nice and really makes you feel you are playing in a fantasy world. The story is voiced over, it tells from a book story perspective. If you don’t like the voice you hear, you can buy or unlock other voices!

You can choose different classes but you can’t change the charaters looks. Each class got his or her own way of fighting. They all play nice and different. Some are a bit difficult to play than others.

The gameplay of dragon’s crown isn’t hard. It’s a 2D hack and slash game where you can upgrade certain attacks or even learn more attacks!

For certain attacks you need to use a combinations of buttons. In every stage you play you will find skeletons, Pick them up and resurrect them in the town. Or don’t resurrect it and sell it! It’s up to you. If you resurrect the skeletons you will have a new party member! You can add them to your party. Sadly, they don’t level up… If you don’t choose party members, the game will automatic choose 3 random party members when you are playing a stage. This can be annoying but also fun if you don’t know who to take with you.

You can replay every stage to find all the hidden doors or treasurers. You can command friend and he will open the locked door or a chest. After every stage you can choose which items will be appraised or not. It really was difficult for me wether I should appraise all my items that I found or just sell it.
At your adventure guild you can do some side-quesst or even edit your skills. When accepting these quests you will get something in return like always!

There are two ways to play with your friends, online or local co-op! You can play up to 3 other friends and beat the monsters in the game.

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The game is fun with a 2D hack and slash gameplay and the small rpg’s elements in it! The option to have to play with your friends is fun and if you are playing alone, it’s nice to have some NPC members to choose from for your party. It’s easy to pick up and play the game again and replaying old stage feels rewarding to replay it.


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