Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Review [PSVITA]

Do you like the “Ace Attorney” Series? Are you a fan of the “Zero Escape” games? If the answer is yes (and even if you don’t) then this game is for you.

You are Makoto Naegi, a normal boy who’s lucky enough to get into a special school for special students. This school is usually reservered
for special students, the top tier students, the baseball talents, the programmer, the martial artists or the pop star. Maybe you are just… really lucky?

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Once you arrive at this school weird stuff starts to happend and you wake up in a class room. The windows are sealed off with metal plates, camera’s are watching your every move and it’s unusually silent for a school. Once you are ready to move and walk to the main hall you’ll find the other students. All of them are as confused as you are and you’ll introduce yourselves. Once everyone has moved on the party can start…

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Monokuma the headmaster of this school starts to explain what is expected from their students and the rules are as followed.

-Start a community and live here forever.
-You can never, ever leave the building.
-if you would like to graduate and leave you will have to murder a fellow student.
-only if you did not get caught for this murder you will graduate.

More rules will apply later on, but you’ll have to find out about those yourself!

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Throughout the day you will be able to interact with your fellow students, give them gifts and get to know them better… If you trust them that is.
A murder could be around every corner and of course the worst scenario WILL happend and you have to prove someone guilty or maybe even prove your innocence!
At certain parts in the game you will have to question your fellow students, gather evidence to get ready for the class trial.

In class trial you and your fellow students will argue about the murder who did it? Is this even true? What else could have happened?
Much like Ace Attorney you will have to fight till the truth comes to light, but it’s not going to be easy. You will have to be fast and shoot your “truth bullets”
at the right or wrong statements. Class trials is like a rollercoaster with minigames to find the culprit. And even if you are certain, others might not. If the murderer is caught he or she will be punished but if you would accuse innocent person
everyone will be punished.

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How will you escape? Will you get out? Who do you trust? This game has it all.
I’m a huge fan of both Ace Atorney and the Zero escape series and this game has both mixed with some Persona 4 and a trunk of energy drink and Japanese culture.
The Music is funky and suits the game perfectly. Although it’s sometimes a bit too loud, so loud that I can barely hear the voices. Oh, did I mention it has dual audio? Awesome right? Throughout the game and after class trials you will also find “monokuma coins” these can be used for the gacha machine where you can receive presents to give to your friends. Once you get to know your friends better you will learn skills which make the class trials easier. You can also use these coins to unlock art, music and videos you’ve seen in the game and more!

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There’s one thing though, don’t rest your fingers on the vita’s screen, this will make the dialogue skip and I’ve lost a bunch of pages due to not noticing this while watching TV.
I’m not able to tell much about this game, there’s still a suprise for you after you beat the game. But a certain bear is forcing me to keep it a secret… really…



I’m giving thi-……….

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