Demon Gaze Review.

Now that I got your attention… The game is a dungeon-crawling RPG in which you take on the role of the protagonist Oz as he finds himself in a strange and mysterious land.

The main character (Oz) wakes up in the Dragon Princess Inn after being rescued from a demon attack. He then disovers that the inn’s owner (Fran) actually hunts demons! How convinient! Since you are probably in a depth after sleeping in your room for a while! So here’s the deal, you’ll have to hunt demons and bring her their souls! And hey, you are the only person in the entire world who can do this! You have the power of the Demon gazer, a magical blue eye that can capture and use the power of demons.

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Like I said before, it’s dungeon-crawling RPG, you’ll be walking around in a first-person style with random monster encounters. You’ll be able to capture certain monsters, and “open” the demon to fight alongside you.
Demons will also have some passive abilities like seeing through walls or find secrets! The more you use them,the more they gain loyalty and level up! Your goal in each of the dungeon is to find demon circles where you’ll need to purify them and sacrifice gems. This is also the best way to find certain weapons and equipments besides buying them or finding them.

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You’ll also be able to rent extra room and hire more party members. There’s a huge selection of art and classes to choose from.Don’t worry if you make a mistake though! You can give them a bath and change their voice, appearance and name.
Also, the previously mentioned rooms can be furnished with items to add stats and give your team members a nice boost!

None of the dungeons are linear and will have branching paths, hidden doors and areas for you to disover! Of course you’ll be able to find treasure chests now and then.

I think Demon Gaze is a decent dungeon crawler. It’s really funny with lot’s of japanese “anime” clich├ęs. It’s music has a real … feel which I think is a little bit annoying, but a lot of people love that kind of music. It’s a welcome addition to the Vita Library in comparison the 3DS’s Etrian Odyssey which I also loved!


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