Etrian Odyssey Untold Review.


The first Installment was released in 2007 and now in 2014 the series has been reborn with a added story besides the basic gameplay.

The hero is a young Highlander, a member of the one of the many clans from the highland area, who receives an unusual request and travels to the town of Etria.

The request was to “investigate and abnormality occuring in Etria.”

The town’s ruling counclin has sent for a highlander to search for the sourche of a series of mysterious earthquakes and sounds that has begun to trougble the city in recent months. In the course of his investegation, he meets an amnesiac gerl named Frederica.

A trio of researchers from the Midgard Library, an Institution several settlements over, has come to Etria to seek out the same abnormalities.
After a chance encounter with the three, they introduce themselves as Simon, Arthur, and Raquana. It soon becomes apparent that theres a Yggdrasil Labyrinth, which has some deep connection with a set of strange ruins.

What could these abnormalities be? All the keys to this puzzle remain locked in the memories of the girl…

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Like my previous revious, this game shares a lot of similarities. You’ll need to create your own map with the stylus and while exploring the dungeon you can use the lower screen on the Nintendo 3DS as a map. Use the stylus to mark your patchs and note important details.

The labyrinth is also home to a great amount of monsters, not all of which is in your best interest to fight. It’s up to you to figure out how to move past these monsters until you row strong enough to take them on. FOE! FOE!

Also, ech character will learn different skills based on their class as the characters level up, you will be able to select skills you want the character to learn. This applies to both the story based characters and the original game.

Among other changes compared to the previsous 3DS Game is the ability to “teleport” to stairs once you’ve encountered it once! oh and “new” system is the Grimoire System. Grimoire stones are gems that contain a characters skills. by wearing a grimoure stine created by another character, you can grant a huge variety of skills to your characters. Use them to customize for a wider veriety of strategies during your adventures!

The classes this time around are:
-Dark Hunter
-Highlander (the Player; Available in Story Mode)
-Gunner (Frederica Irving; Available in Story Mode)

for more in-depth information check out the wikia!

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This game is basicly the same as it’s entry in the series and mostly the same (besides the story).
I think I’ll prefer this game above the other 3DS installment but mainly because of the story and characters. Of course you can imagine a lot more with your own characters too! If you want to know more about Etrian Odyssey you should read my other review I feel the same way and maybe even better! But keep in mind that the classes in this post are for the Millenium Girl game!



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