Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 SISTERS GENERATION [PS Vita Review]


For those of you who haven’t heard anything about the Hyperdimension Neptunia games, they’re a series of roleplaying games that parody many familiar video game characters and game consoles. The “CPU” characters represent the major game companies and have their very own console war going on. They al reside in the world of Gameindustri, four nations, Planeptune, Lastation, Leanbox and Lowee. Most of these CPU goddesses have a younger sister representing their handheld systems. Re;birth2 will focus on these younger sisters while the original main characters struggle to survive. Return to the world of Gameindustri, where a criminal named Arfoire has defeated the four CPU’s of Gameindustri. It’s now up to the younger generation to free them!
Hyperdimension Neptunia RE;birth 2 is a remake for the Playstation Vita.The original Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 was born on the PS3.

20XX-Gamindustri faces a dire crisis. Shops are boarded up, creators are overworked and starving, and death looms over all Gamindustri. However, humanity has found a way to persevere! In years past, the deserted lands of Gamindustri were known as the ‘realm of chaos.’ Since the advent of ASIC—the Arfoire Syndicate of International Crime—morality has all but vanished. As much as 80 percent of all students are rumored to worship the being known as Arfoire. Parents, despite knowing it to be a poor object to worship, went ahead and taught their children to do so. The government turned a blind eye instead of crushing this crisis in its infancy.

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Thus, Gamindustri fell into complete and utter disarray. The citizens have come to accept all of the corruption as normal. They take no issue with acquiring items illegally. Those who were victims of this mentality lost all their strength and were sent to wander the Gamindustri Graveyard forever. The story is mostly liniar and you usually just go out and clear quests, make friends, defeat bosses and travel the world of gameindustri.

The Battle system has been changed to play more like “Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory” like re;birth1 did before. This time though, you can have 4 characaters active in battle instead of the 3 in re;birth1. I’ve personally never played these games before, but I really enjoy the battle system. I do prefer to have the 4 characters in battle (you can also add sub-characters to each person in which you can swap them at any turn). The battles are turn based and each turn you can use special attacks based on the situation. Your SP Skills are for normal strong attacks and everytime you do or take damage your EXE gauge will fill, and once you’ve hit the right amount of charges you’ll be able to do a much stronger “EXE drive” attack. The CPU goddesses and sisters will be able to transform into their HDD forme, which will deplete some SP at firstbut it will give you a huge power boost.

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The dungeons and enemies are unchanged. The share system has been made a lot simpler in which you can manipulate them throughside quests and Coliseum battles. You will need to have certain shares at set percentages to trigger one of the multiple endings.I’ve personally only gotten the normal ending in a 30~ hour run but after the credits you’ll be able to start the game again andtransfer your levels, items and such to your new game. Re;birth2 also changed a couple of the characters you can recruit, including the nations’s oracles, Tekken, Cyberconnect2 and MarvelousAQL.


The most notable difference though is the Remake system. Throughout the game you’ll be able to unlock plans which you need to find the right materials to make them. With these plans you’ll be able to change the dungeons to your own will. For example you can change the monsters and items. You’ll also be able to increase their power, exp and money gain, and so much more.

Another new feature is a minigame called “Stella’s Dungeon” in which you need to send stella to dungeons, equip her with gear and just leave her to it. You’ll need to be careful not to send ther to a place she can’t handle, but you can just turn off your sytsem and let her do her thing. Once you go back and check on her she might have brought better items so you’ll be able to go to those stronger dungeons!

Graphics and Music:
Just like re;birth1, Characters are slightly animated 2D portraits (which I love btw!) and despite being on a handheld device, the game looks still gorgeous! The framerate is still usually really smooth. oh, and you can unlock game art from in-game events which you can view in the gallery. Music has not been changed but the intro has the usual j-pop feel, and the dungeons will have a tune to set the right atmosphere. Those EXE attacks will also belch out an awesome tune.

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Wether or not you’ve played the fisrt game in the series, it does not matter. Re;birth2/MK2 take place in a whole different dimension than the first game. I do suggest playing re;birth1 sooner or later though, it’s been out for a while on the Vita and will be available on STEAM real soon! I’ve really enjoyed the puns and RPG-styled gameplay. Even if you’ve played MK2 on the Playstation 3, Re’birth2’s changes will keep you entertained for a long time!


Title: Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 Sisters Generation
Genre: RPG
Publisher: Idea Factory International
Developer: Compile Heart (Idea Factory)
System: Vita
Release Date: 27-01-2015 (NA), 07-02-2015 (EU)

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