If you got a lot of patience and enjoy difficult strategic games with some rpg elements, then Natural Doctrine is a game for you! This game can be really hard.


The story of Natural Doctrine is about Geoff (pronounced Jeff). Geoff starts off to become a Bergman. When he and Vasily become a Bergman they meet up with a girl called Anka. Their mission is to protect her. They try to become explorers to gain official citizens of the city of Festa.
Geoff and his companion are looking for pluton. You can only get this by entering goblins mines. It’s too dangerous and toxic to mine by humans itself, but not for goblins. Because of that it’s up to the Bergman to travel those mines to get pluton. Human use pluton for magic. One day when Geoff and his companions enter a goblin cave they find something odd. And with that the story continues.

I sometimes feel I miss some information or motive in the game of the characters. Sometimes I did miss the character feelings. The story is can be political. Although it isn’t a bad story.


The gameplay of the game are like most strategy games. You can move your characters to a certain square and launch an attack. Although it’s a little bit different from this point. There are 3 different kind of views, from far up, mid-zoom and third person view. If you and your other characters attack the same monster you will get lines and the party members will also attack earlier than the line gives. Each line will give you as your party members a boost of attack. But beware the monsters will do the same thing! Which can lead to a defeat.

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The game can be really difficult. I had fights that went over than 30 a 45 min. The worst of all is to lose also. I had moments of time were I wonder how to put the certain move. It feels like playing more chess at those moments. If you stand wrong or one of your other party members and they die, you have to redo it. You can’t save in the middle of battles and they have some automatic save points. Although it means you have to redo the battle again and again and again until you finally beat it. I had moments of time were I took so many tries to get it right or to win it. BUT it felled nice to beat it!

Graphic and music:

The graphic and the music are good. The graphic aren’t bad and it really looked nice in 3rd person view. You got 3 option to see your characters in the text. You can choose between realistic and anime. The realistic one and an anime got an head only look. There is also an option for full anime art. I do feel it missing the expression of there feelings on it. There is only 1 look they show on the character few. The maps and all looks nice.


If you love difficult chess kinda strategy games this is the one. This game can be really difficult. The monsters don’t show any mercy or mistakes. Depending on your difficult settings. This isn’t meant for everyone. It’s more for players that love difficult strategy games and that loves challenges. As for me I did enjoy the game a lot, even though I did die over and over again. It did felled nice to overcome those difficult battles!

The game is available for the ps3, ps4 and psvita!

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Natural Doctrine review

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