Until Dawn PS4 Review.

At first glimpse Until Dawn seems like one of those cliché teen movies, a bunch of teenagers, The jock, nerd, the couple ect. in a cabin exploring their bodies only to be chopped in pieces by a mysterious murderer.
Most of the game does seem like it, but once you actually get to know the characters, you’ll do everything to get them through this ordeal alive.

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Until Dawn was promoted as a really dark and scary horror game, and even though that’s still true, it didn’t really scare me at all…
The game has a lot of cheap and predictable jump-scares and of course it did get me a couple of times.
Maybe it was just because I prepared myself for being scared to death and usually I really don’t like games with lot’s of jump scares, but Until Dawns
creepyness just did not really do it for me… but I’ve heard a lot of stories with people pissing their pants and dropping their controllers, so I guess it’s just a
personal preference.

Besides the jump scares, the atmosphere and areas in the game are pretty creepy, they did build up a lot of jump scares (again, you can usually guess when it’s abou to happen).
You switch between characters whenever you are done with telling their story and alternate between the ones that are still alive or the one that is needed to continue the story.

Making quick decisions is key in Until Dawn and I’m a huge fan of Visual novels. A lot of the decisions have a timer on them and are crucial for your playthrough. One mistake
and it might cost you a life in the future. There’s also a lot of quicktime events going on which can result in death or the character being hurt (which might get them killed in future choices).
I’m personally not a huge fan of quick time events and if I’m honest I think Until Dawn overdid it a bit.

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Graphically Until Dawn is really amazing and it has one of the best looking characters I’ve ever seen. They’ve used actual actors and face detection combined with all the motion capture equipment made
the characters look pretty realistic. The areas of the game are also looking really good, some stuff could be better, but there’s always room for improvement in every game am I right?

I made it until dawn, but only with a handful of people. It was a really satisfying story with a posibility of multiple playthroughs. You’ll end up asking yourself things like “what if I said something else?’
or “what if I ran the other way?” with the handy Butterfly effect section you can go back and check your choices and be reminded of your previous choices.

Until dawn has a lot of mystery and the more you play the game, the more questions you’ll have. I can assure you WILL regret your choices the first time around… and you WILL get at least a couple of jump scares…
whatever happens to you in your playthrough, just watch your back and stay alive!

I’m giving Until Dawn a


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