Period Cube ~shackles of amadeus~ Review

Finally a new otome game for the ps vita! This time the story resolve around an online MMORPG!
I really enjoy playing otome games and having a story setting up in an onlin MMORPG would be really great to read! or is it?
To be honest after playing this game I got mixed feelings with some of the characters in the game… Well let’s start the review!

Alright let’s write a bit down about the story of the game. I am going to right down a short version of it. Since it would be more fun to read it yourself!
So you start off somewhere in he middle of nowhere in a forest, being chased by a monster. You have a few option to choose what to do against the monster.
After that the story explains how you end up in the wolrd of Arcedia. From there on the story continues untill you have reach an ending with one of the bachelors~
To understand the full story, you need to finsh each route. I really like that every route has something new to the story.

The gameplay of the game is pretty easy, you read a lot of text in the game and you make some choices. Depeding on the choices you made, you will get a good or bad ending with one of the bachelors.
If you made the right choice, something yellows glow up to the bachelor. As for your Almighty level up you will notice it by a yellow sword chrest that lights up.
The game has an inbuild dictionary to explain some words about the MMORPG. For me most words were clear but because I used to play a lot of MMORPG’s online… XD
The music of the game is really nice! It really fits most of the situation in the story. I really liked some of the music!
As for the artwork I really loved the background in the game, the drawing is pretty nice and gives you a feeling where the charcters are.
The carcters itself are nicely drawn and shows you how they look in the game~

Let’s talk about the bachelors. There are 7 bachelors in the game. After finsihing the first chapter will be on a route of one of the bachelors.
Each bachelor has a good and bad ending. I really enjoyed all the stories of each bachelor. Since I don’t want to spoil much about their story, I’ll try not to spoil the story.
Whenever I was playing one of the bachelor road, I always wonder how the guy will be in the real world.
It is really fun and great to see that some guys are different in the real word as in the world of Arcedia.
Each route had his own karakter and it really shows how a person is between real life and in game.
Sadly in some routes even the good ending still gives me some mixed up feelings. I mean how can she still fall in love with him even after everything has been done…
I mean some of the story are just not that happy. The bad endings really give me the creepy chills… It was really good for a bad ending. The poor souls and people… T_T… I don’t want to spoil more than that XD…

This game is pretty nice for an otome game. I really enjoyed the storyline and every bachelor route. For some reason it reminded me back on the time I used to play so many hours of MMORPG online…
The music fits fine in the story and the story really was nice. I do have mixed feelings still about the true as bad endings… I can’t say I really liked the true ending of the game either…
But in a way I do understand why she did that. If you love Otome games, you should play the game! The game is pretty good on his on ways and I really enjoyed it.

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