About Us

Name: Joël
Nicknames: StiX, KHNA, Sticks, ChopstiXz
D.O.B: 16-06-1988

Founder of chopstixz.net and loves games no matter which platform, willing to give anything a shot and doesn’t judge a game on it’s cover. He loves to draw and make sprites out of pixels. Everytime there’s a new handheld or console on the market he just wants to check it out, no matter what! His most favorite genres include RPG’s, Visual Novels, first person shooters, Rhythm, Retro and Fighting games.

I will do most of the posting on my blog unless mentioned otherwise!


Name: Nadis
Nicknames: Zucht, Chobi

A girl who loves cute stuff, shopping and video games. Not a huge fan of scary looking video games but her favorite genres include: Rpg’s, Visual Novels, Fighting games and Shopping/Cooking sims.


Name: Merlin
Nicknames: Zaeros, Xenavire

A guy with loads of video game ideas and he can have a lot of criticism for certain kinds of games, but if he’s into a game he’ll play it for hours and it’s hard to make him stop! his favorite genres include: rpg’s, Visual novels, First person shooters, fighting and stealth games.


Name: Maile
Nicknames: Littlemyuu, Solar Sceptile

Another girl with a major love for the Pokemon series and a big fan of MMORPG’s. She loves any game with raising pets and/or virtual monsters! She’s also quite the artist! her favorite genres include: RPG’s, MMORPG’s, Action games and Pet Simulators.