Sanrio Animal Crossing amiibo cards!

Sanrio and Nintendo did a collaboration for the game Animal Crossing New Leaf. With the new update, that came out earlier this year, it possible to add new villagers through amiibo cards into your town. And the other feature is to buy new funiture for your house!:D

The Sanrio Nintendo amiibo cards are finally […]

Nintendo direct 12 November 2015

Today there was aNintendo Direct and if you have missed it here is a short overview of what has been spoken.This Nintendo Direct is from the EU! If you want to watch the Nintendo Direct you can scroll down!

The legend of Zelda twilight princess will be coming in HD for wiiU! The game […]

Animal Crossing New Leaf Bell Guide + My Dream Code!

This is my Dream Code! Once you unlock the dream suite you can visit my town at any time! Of course this is not my “live” town, it’s still a dream! But Take a look and see my town improve over the next months!

I also made a video with tips on how to […]

Animal Crossing New Leaf Journal

Whenever I get my hands on Animal Crossing New Leaf I’ll be posting a Journal on this tumblr! of course I’ll post the important stuff here too (for example Spotpass Items) the game will be released June 14th here in Europe and I’ll start as soon as I can get my hands on a copy! […]

New Trailers!

Here are some new trailers of games I can’t wait to play! :3


Yet Another Year.

Havent been blogging much in this year, but nothing much was going on either. new years eve was going smoothly, nothing much happened too, was walking around with my girlfriend, my sister and her boyfriend. Kit-lam was somewhere else this year and when she came back we where both too tired to meet. (somehow everytime […]

Let's Go To The City! @ Animal Crossing That Is!

Woah, now I can play the Wii on my new TV I’m playing alot more games! I’ve already ordered the component cables for better quality, I love the cheap ass […]