Sanrio Animal Crossing amiibo cards!

Sanrio and Nintendo did a collaboration for the game Animal Crossing New Leaf. With the new update, that came out earlier this year, it possible to add new villagers through amiibo cards into your town. And the other feature is to buy new funiture for your house!:D

The Sanrio Nintendo amiibo cards are finally […]

Monster Monpiece!

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Idea Factory International is thrilled to annouce the first Playstation Vita system game, Monster Monpiece! The game will be realease this spring in digital formart for the North America and Europe via Playstation Network. Monster Monpieceis is a card battle strategy game with light RPG elements. It provide a […]

Hex: Shards of fate – MMO/TCG

Xenavire here, and I’m here to talk about Hex. Hex is taking the TCG, MMO, and Kickstarter worlds by storm. In only nine days, they have raised $750,000 USD – and there is a good reason why.

Cryptozoic. They are a young but ambitious company (founded in March 2010), they already have an impressive list […]