Disgaea 5 complete edition

Even Disgaea has been out for a while now, it is on sale at this moment in the US. If you haven’t had the chance to play this game you should buy it now! This game has been released on the on the playstation 4 out. But the game is also available for the […]

NIS EU online store is now online!

NIS America got an offical NISA EU Online store. THe store is live and running today! Everyone in Europe can now preorder and purchase the same limited editions that are released in North America!

The following limited editions are now available to preorder on the NISA Europe Online Store: Disgaea® 4: A Promise Revisited, […]

Bravely Default Deluxe Collector’s edition

On December 6th Bravely Default was released. I Pre-ordered the Bravley default’s Deluxe Edition but I wasn’t sure if they are going to send it. So instead I bought the regular edition of Bravely Default. Apparently the store did sent out Bravley default’s Deluxe Edition. I decided to keep it and give my original game […]

Finally Got a Wii U!

We finally own a Wii U! Not much to say, just letting you know! Got the Limited Edition Wind Waker version and I was kinda sad that Hyrule Historia wasn’t included in the European version… but oh well. Feel free to add me btw, my Nintendo ID is “Chopstixz”! see you online! #gallery-2 { margin: auto;
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Nintendo 3DS XL Pokemon X/Y Limited Edition.

My sister, Littlemyuu at Chopstixz, saved up for this beautiful looking system! It’s very glossy compared to the original red/blue nintendo 3DS XL systems though! The rest of the system is praticly the same. oh, and I need to say that the Pokemon X and Y games are NOT included! Enjoy the pictures and the […]

Pikachu Oops!

So we saw on a website about the pikachu oops plush mascote! ^//^ We really loved it so we bought one!^0^ Pikachu oops is only avalible on the japanese amazon and pokemoncenters. It’s from the second serie of pikachu oops. It was avalible on 3th of august 2013.

Here is a small video about […]

Pikachu 3DS XL Available in Europe soon!

In today’s Nintendo Direct, Satoru Shibata announced several (so far) Japan exclusive games coming to Europe, but the biggest surprise was that the very Limited Edition Pikachu 3DS XL is coming to Europe THIS year! There’s no set release dat yet, but there’s just a few months left this year, so you don’t have […]

Pokemon Emerald 2! Limited Edition 3DS XL!

Another Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS XL mock up, so this is NOT real! And this time it’s for the game “Pokemon Emerald 2!” of course this game is not announced or coming anytime soon at this point in time, but we can dream right?! I do not own any of the rights! Pokemon and The […]

Operation Pika!

Have you seen that awesome limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL featuring a bright and shiny pikachu? Well here it is~ This gorgeous piece of nintendo is only available in Japan for a limited time and there are no plans of bringing it overseas.

well, that’s where Operation Pika comes in! It’s a growing facebook page […]

Pre-order Resident Evil and receive a Special (Game) Case!

Nintendo of Europe has announced a pre-sale for Resident Evil Revelations! You won’t get the game-card yet, but you will receive a special case with a 3D lens and a double sided poster! And it’s available in any big (game) or toy store!

Resident Evil Revelations will be released on the 27th of January. […]