Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is out on the Nintendo 3DS eshop!

The fourth game in the courtroom drama series, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, is out today to purchase digitally on Nintendo 3DS eShop. This fourth game in the court room drama series, covers the adventures of Apollo Justice as he sets about on his adventures as a rookie defence attorney.

Apollo Justice: Ace […]

Period Cube ~shackles of amadeus~ Review

Finally a new otome game for the ps vita! This time the story resolve around an online MMORPG! I really enjoy playing otome games and having a story setting up in an onlin MMORPG would be really great to read! or is it? To be honest after playing this game I got mixed feelings […]

A new Zero Escape Game confirmed!

*television static* ATTENTION PEOPLE OF THE WORLD: Japanese Adventure Game Strain Zero Escape Unavoidable The threat of the end of the world is real

Undisclosed Location – July 3, 2015

Many government organizations have dismissed our urgent warnings regarding the upcoming game event called Zero Time Dilemma. Recent intelligence has escalated our plans and we […]

NIS EU online store is now online!

NIS America got an offical NISA EU Online store. THe store is live and running today! Everyone in Europe can now preorder and purchase the same limited editions that are released in North America!

The following limited editions are now available to preorder on the NISA Europe Online Store: Disgaea® 4: A Promise Revisited, […]

Petition to localize Digimon games!

About a year ago one fan made a petition to localize Digimon games, the petition grew and we are close to 35k signatures! The European community manager from Bandai will consider localizing the game when the petition will reach the 50k mark. So why are you still reading this? go and sign it here!


PS Vita 1.8 Firmware update Available Now!

This new PS Vita Firmware Update will bring us Playstation One compability, the option to use buttons instead of the touch screen in the home menu’s, some new web browser improvements and more! For the full list of available psone games and all the features check out: http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2012/08/27/ps-vita-system-software-update-v1-80-the-full-psone-classics-line-up/ There are also some new features […]

Virtue’s Last Reward Coming To PAL Regions!

Our prayers have been answered! and Rising Star Games is going to bring Virtue’s Last Reward the sequel to 999 Nine hours nine persons nine doors on the Nintendo DS to Pal regions! It’s going to be released on the Nintendo 3DS as well as the Playstation Vita, Can’t wait to try them out both! […]

Nintendo 3DS Release Date & Price.

So a few days ago the release date and price of nintendo’s new 3D handheld have been revealed!

America: March 27 for the price of 250 Dollars Europe: March 25 for the price of 250 Euros

Both prices can be higher or lower depending on your retailer.

So what’s new? This video will explain […]

Assassins Creed Brotherhood.

Yesterday the new Assassins Creed game finally arrived! I loved the previous parts! well, to be honest, I never really finished the first one yet… I think ill just finish that one whenever I feel like playing as Altair again.

I havent played that much of the game yet but its pretty awesome so […]

Pokemon Black and White & Small Update

I’m sorry for not being active, please dont hurt me! but the weather is getting warmer each day! and I actually dont have much to say anyways. I’m starting my internship soon, have to work on a school and may even need to teach little kids some of my computer skilzzz. xD I’ve turned […]