Sanrio Animal Crossing amiibo cards!

Sanrio and Nintendo did a collaboration for the game Animal Crossing New Leaf. With the new update, that came out earlier this year, it possible to add new villagers through amiibo cards into your town. And the other feature is to buy new funiture for your house!:D

The Sanrio Nintendo amiibo cards are finally […]

PS Vita 1.8 Firmware update Available Now!

This new PS Vita Firmware Update will bring us Playstation One compability, the option to use buttons instead of the touch screen in the home menu’s, some new web browser improvements and more! For the full list of available psone games and all the features check out: There are also some new features […]

3DS Firmware Update + Mario Kart 7 Patch (e-shop)

As of today you can update your 3DS’s firmware again, this update only fixes some parental control limitations (when installing updates)

If you own and play Mario Kart 7 Online you can also go to the e-shop and download the patch. This patch will fix the “shortcuts” or cheats people used on the following tracks: […]

Nintendo 3DS System Update 25/04 and Pokemon BW2 News!

Today Nintendo Announced a new Nintendo 3DS System Update on their Nintendo Direct Live Stream. This feature will allow you to make folders on your home screen and organize them the way you want. You can give the folders names and the first letter of the name will be shown on the folder. You will […]

Game List Update.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix [Playstation DLC]

Bioshock [PS3]

Games Comming Soon: March 9: Final Fantasy XIII March 14: Pokémon Soul Silver ???: Super Street fighter IV […]

XBOX 360 Update Lets Avatars Buy Props

Some time ago I aplied for this xbox 360 update test… thing. there will be a update around the end of august and the testers would get it at the beginning of august (today). and I got mine today!

Welcome to the Xbox LIVE Preview on Connect!

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to the 2009 […]